Born Eileen Sheehan in Binghamton, NY,  Lena Sheehan began her career as a holistic practitioner in 1993 in the Hudson Valley when her physician suggested she find a less stressful profession after she "burned, sizzled and fried"  her nervous system in the corporate world.  Although the first service she offered was hypnotherapy [something she'd had a long time interest in and had studied for her own personal satisfaction], she quickly expanded to other services such as psychic readings and energy healings. In 1993, being a psychic was not as widely accepted as it is today.  Because of this, she decided to use her family nick name for her business in order to protect her children as much as possible from ignorance and ridicule.Within seemingly no time at all she was operating a thriving spiritually based business.

[Lena Sheehan is a guest of Mike Winters]
[Lena Sheehan is a guest of the
late Ken Gonyea]
Shortly after forming her business, Lena was offered an opportunity to do live psychic readings on a local radio station  as a guest of Joe Daily.   Her popularity quickly grew and other stations sought her out for the same.  By the time she had reached her 10 year aniversary on radio, she was a guest psychic on 3 shows per week.
After taking an 8 year break while traveling the country, Lena returned to radio in February of 2014 as a guest of Louie G. on Wild 104.1fm in the Southern Tier, NY for six months.  When her six month agreement was fulfilled, she opted to resign as their resident psychic in order to be free for other ventures that were calling her, which includes her soon to be launced internet radion show.

A prolific writer, Lena has a variety of books published in both e-book and print format. She enjoys sharing her experience and knowlege in self help books such as Natural Solutions for Stress of Body,Mind and Spirit... Meditation for Beginners  and Basic Hypnosis, [Black Horse Books].  She equally loves to express her imagination in novels and has recently signed 3 publishing contract for vampire novels to be released by Eternal Press, LLC in 2015.  They are written under her birth name of Eileen Sheehan and are titled, The Vampire, The Handler, And Me; To Kill a Vampire, and For Love of a Vampire.  You can read exerpts of all three novels on her author website:

Lena operates her holistic business in an old school that was converted into offices to provide small mom and pop businesses an opportunity to have a presence in the community at an affordable price.  She not only enjoys the small community feel, but feels the age of the building  adds seasoning to the ambiance of her location.
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